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You Will Get to Your Rehoboth #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is active and

Industrious, he is one

Of the youths that

Every other youth look

Forward to being like

In the island. But

He is facing a

Problem. This problem has

Been persisting and everything

Becomes boring to him

The chief problem is

He has been denied

On countless number of

Times things that belong

To him. Now he is

Become weak, frail and

Does not wish to

Put in his best into

Anything he is doing

Again because he knows

He would be short-changed

By the powerful and

The mightiest in the

Island, those who do not

Want anyone to rise

Like them, anyone who

Shall rise must rise

Through them, if the

Person does not wish

To pass through them,

Then the person would

Die a servant, the

Person would die toiling

And laboring with nothing

To show forth for it.

On this was he when

He was noticed by

One of the elders of

The island. On seeing

Him, the man invited

Him to his house to

Discuss with him. When

He got to the man,

The man told him that

He notice that he

Has changed and he

Is not putting in his

Best into the services

Of the island like

Before. To this this

Young man affirmed that

The old man is true.

The old man wants

To know why he

Was doing that and he

Told him that he has

Been working for nothing

Because his works have

No reward. Every reward

That ought to come

To him were usually

Blocked by the powerful

And mightiest in the

Island. And he has grown

Weary becomes tired of

Working for others to reap

The labor of his works

Old man appreciates him

For being straight and

Truthful to him but,

Told him that he should not

Do that, that his works

Shall soon fall on

Good soil that shall

Bring him multitudes of

Fruits and then you would

Become unstoppable, he said.

To buttress his saying

He told him a story

Of an industrious and active

Young man that had

Once live in the island.

This young man was

Good in virtually everything

And as from the age of

Fifteen all eyes have

Been on him. Because

The powerful and the

Mightiest of his days

Do not believe he was

The one doing what

He has been doing they

Local Farmers Resting

Local Farmers Resting

Would not approve his

Works within the island

Whereas the works which

Are inferior to his’

Would be approved by

Those people. He for this

Changed from art to farming

And it was as if angels

Were coming down to

Plant his seedlings for

Him for his fruits were

Usually big than others.

Yet they people said

He should not be patronized

That his seedlings are

Being planted by ghosts

And they are those

Who watered his farmland at

Midnight, some even said

Those products are gotten

From the land of the

Dead that ghosts were

Those bringing harvests to

His barns before dawn

To this some added that

Anyone who eats his farm

Products would have his or her

Lifespan cut short by ten years

This man cried and cried

On hearing this, all his

Defenses fell on the

Deaf ears of people

He leaves large scale

Farming for small scale one

Planting only foods that

He and his parents would eat

As he became fisherman

His luck would again

Not leave him because

When other fishermen caught

Nothing he must catch

Fishes, very big fishes

And again they said the

Marine spirits were those

Supplying him those fishes

And would not allow

Anyone to buy fish,

Neither crayfish nor any

Animals gotten from the

River from him because

They were polluted, demonic

And designed to kill and

Cut the lifespans of

People. He could not

Continue with this work

On extensive scale again.

As he shifts to

Palm wine tapping. The same

Thing happened because his

Palm wine was usually like honey

When he brought it to the

Island. They again attributed

Many evils to his palm wine

On this his family

Reasoned with him to

Start business at least

He would be buying

Things like others and

He would be selling them

They cannot attribute any

Devil to such, except the

Person who sells them

Are demonic, they said to

Him. He agreed with them

But was the worst

Because immediately he

Gets to the market square

All buyers shift to

His store and within

Weeks he has overtaken


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