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You Wash The Dishes And I Create More Dirty Dishes

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Working Together

This is what we do best

Every day we make things happen

My wife cooking roasted potatoes in the oven

From me cleaning up the mess

I make the bed

My wife pays the bills that are due

We constantly go back and forth

Like a see-saw up and down

Constantly talking to each other

A beautiful give and take

Trying to make the rounds

Getting lunch ready

Checking out something new on the news

Having some computer time

Making the day just fun

I am always thinking what will be my next poem

How life is today

Not back in Rome

The issues we face

My wife cleaning out her work e-mails

The lost mail that we have to trace

The mail could be delayed

With the shortage of help

With the new outbreak of Covid -19

In a world filled with so much anticipation and frustration

Anything can and will happen

We have to stay grounded

Find the time to show our love

It is ten degrees outside

Laundry building up from one pile to two

What will we do?

Charlottes cat food came from Amazon

They didn't have it in the store

She is real particular

She likes Friskies farm favorites

She is not a salmon kind of gal

Taking the littlest moment of joy

Making last over breakfast

Squeezing in as many laughs as possible

Then rushing to do a few more things

At least they were started

One day they will be finished

When they get completed

I will go for a nice run

Off to work I go

A man's job is never done