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A Woman Knows How Loud She Can Roar!

Poetry allows the release of my innermost feelings. Let me explain by painting a picture in your mind with words!

A Woman Knows How Loud She Can Roar!

I closed the door as I walked away, with tears streaming down my face
You had no clue this time was for real or what I found out yesterday
I loved you with all that I had to give but that wasn’t enough
While I was busy trusting in you, you were chasing her love

True love lies...

I told you that I trusted you and that when I'm with you I'm free
You said the same things back and that we were meant to be
Boiling deep inside you was a lust that dragged you under her spell
You willingly followed her as she threw your heart into the deepest waters of hell

In the depths of hell...

Tell me, how could you lie straight to my face?
Did you laugh at my trust as you smirked and walked away?
Oh, you thought you had me for good this time, didn't you?
Why did you act surprised to my goodbyes, but deep inside you knew?

You knew...

You said “how can this be? You were supposed to be mine forever!”
“And I know that I lied to you, but I thought I was being clever!”
This empty space fills your heart, and the hole is disastrously deep
When you weren’t looking, our love died, then I learned to care about me

Our love... died...

You knew exactly what you were doing, honey, that story has been told twice before
You didn't bet on my woman's intuition or how loud a woman can roar
I don't hate you; I just don't give you permission to hold that part of me
Starting my life over, yes, it's hard, I'll be fine just you wait and see

Then the woman roars...

I wish you a good life in whatever you want for yourself
And that you find what you are looking for and that you are doing well
So, I’ll take this mess and leave right here... do with it as you see fit
Life goes on and I'm roaring now like the eagles against the wind...

And life goes on...

Life is deep… liars always fall, they measure the fault line then answer the call…

— Donna Rayne

© 2019 Donna Rayne

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