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Caring Suffers Most

What I found in you was the suffering
Of someone who’s always caring
It seems you chose to live a life of tears
Soothing their pain, calming their fears

That is the life you live though it makes you cry
A sort of earthly angel who earned her wings early
The Lord smiled upon you even though it feels heavy
He knows the burden that only you can carry

The back woods whistle a smokey sound
The fire’s burning inside, you let it out into the sky
Not understanding his plan, screaming why Lord why

You’re not just another woman to love
My luck feels like a mirage of a gift
How long will it last, is it a hand I could lose?
I live wondering which card will be the fifth

What I found in you was the enduring
Of someone goodbyes keep haunting
If another one speaks, will it last years
Or have mercy on the heart it steers?

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