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You Say I Would Have Joined but...


Our reasons became each other

I miss my Airborne brothers and sisters every day. Today more than most. It was never for the money. It was for each other.

We did crazy shit together
No heirs
Just who we were
Love us or hate us
It was simple
Tooth and nail

We existed doing what others feared
We exited with a sneer
4 seconds until we found out
Live or die
Either way we yelled into the night

We carried on
We carried all
We carried each other
We carried the weight

We did the dirty
Head strong
Heart strong
Pain is temporary
We laughed at it
Take a pill
Take a drink
We shut your mouths
Yelled cadence and stomping feet
You listen when we speak

Stepping into nothing
Smiling scowls
Daring the universe
Daring death
Howling at the green moon
Howling when the end came too soon

Always pushing
Always thinking
Always doing
Always moving

We are the constant
We are the truth
We are the pain for your Happy Days

Scars and smiles
Static lines in a dynamic life

© 2019 Nowhere Man

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