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You Never Fail

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.

My profound gratitude to all those who has been with me on my spiritual journey. Specially my mentor Manatita, thank you for your unceasing encouragements and accommodating obvious support! I am beyond grateful to have you all. Happy father's day to every brave and selfless father here!!!!


Unspoken Scream

My heart is thirst for Your presence

And my soul is yearning for its home

I am not lonely neither alone

But solely exceedingly longing

A day is a tedious journey

And the night sky rested forlorn

This place seems in harmony with my silence

With great effort I keep my thoughts in silent

In a lifeless tone I groaned '' where are You ''

I walk day and night, rain and shine

Looking for a place I don't know where

Longing for someone I haven't seen

Searching for a glance that seem

To read the soul

There is an indestructible ancient

Feeling rested in me

Where even the pieces of this place

Cannot satisfy the emptiness

All these left me bereft.

You Love So Well

You hear my silence louder

Than the noice my thoughts can ever make

With Your great mercy

You mend me with Your beautiful love

You always give it wholeheartedly

When fears consumed me and I feel heavy

You always know where to find me

You hear my silence

Before I lost everything

You are always there

And have been very kind and patient

With arms wide open

I can feel Your tenderest loving care

When I close my eyes

Under the safest place, my hiding place

I know I am healing

It break Your heart to see my tears

But You make sure You will always be there

You remind me who I am

Without saying anything.

I am a Work of Art

The stars and the moon even the sun

Might fail to be my company

But You never will!

There are days I deeply ache and wondering

When can I hear Your whispers again

The one that not just a feeling

For some days and nights I am adrift

Like a flesh in the desert

Thirst for the water

I crave and search for You wherever I go

Where is that place You dwell?

And what took me so long to see You

Am I lost or I lost You?

I left my heart under the heavens wall

Below the moonlit night and the brilliant stars

For I know for certain

In silence is where You dwell

The work of Your great hands

Have been my comfort

Yet I'm still homesick for You

I am faint and my soul is wearied

Whenever I can't find You

I feel so heavy

In this deeply troubled world

Only You can see the weight I carry

Yet You are always there to remind me

That You are not here to watch me

Carry the loads alone

You always had that look in Your eyes

That tells me to be patient for it takes time

You hold my heart like how You hold this world

I am a work of art

Of the Prince of peace

The maker of the stars

Like how You silence

The wrathful storm on the sea of Galilee

In every disturbed heart You let Your will be done

You are my hiding place

Under Your comfort You preserve me

You are always before me

You never will forget me

You are always there to carry me

When I deserved none

Wherever I go whatever I do

I'm always in Your heart

You are the calmer of my thoughts

The comforter of my heart

The saviour of my soul

Perfect Father of creations

Salvation of all

Your love is pure and matchless

The noice might be strong

But the melody of Your presence

Is more than a harp of ten strings

You said You are my armour

The lamp before my feet is already lit

And the adventure has been waiting for me

You never said that it will be easy

But rest assured You will be there for me

For in Your perfect plans it is all well done

On my knees in this deeply troubled place

I can feel the warmth of Your matchless love

So so great

You abandoned Your heavenly throne to reach me

Your compassion and never ending mercy embraced me

Like the tranquility of the earth after the storm

I hear You say '' welcome home My dearest one, well done ''.

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