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You - My life

You are the person for whom I smile,

You are the reason to live and die,

You are my life, you are my pie,

It's difficult to bid you a good bye.

I hide my sorrows when you cry.

I feel down when you walk aside.

My heart smiles, when you glow.

It's my love for you that you can't ignore.

A few days distance seems like a year have passed.

Without seeing you, it's difficult to concentrate in my task.

I believe, you are with me always.

I will make my heart understand, it's just a matter of few days.

My heart knows how much I love you

You are my Teddy and I always love to cuddle with you.

No one before has loved me the way you do,

Today I confess,

You are my life, and I am incomplete without you!!