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You Made a Choice

Is there a place for freedom
Is it inside the womb of someone else?
When I tried to enter your heart
You said, “I know who I am”
and broke the key off in the lock

You taught me to cry like only a man can
To ask why goodbye lasts longer than love
The world I was made of, so much of what I was,
is so long ago I finally shed its meaning
The movie we made has a new actor

I went to where the river only looked at me
But the river I found was a reflection
of light skipping past my heart
to the place memories try to deny
They’re tired of how my life used to be

You haven’t decided what you want
You only know I’m not it
Whether it is flying low scattering seagulls
or wearing sunglasses for a cloudy dawn
It won't save who I used to be

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