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You Lived

I can see everything
The past, the future
I know which way I'm facing
I don't have to turn away
I've made all my decisions
Chance and assuredness
They are equals now

No direction without peril
No day without possibility
Every unfinished thought
People who can't help it
Flowers, thorns, sun, rain
It's all there, I know that now

Row peacefully as long as you can
The water will always hold you up
If you will only try to save yourself
Everyone will listen to your story
You have become their hope
Because you lived

You lived


Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on October 16, 2019:

Thank you AGAIN Lorna!

Lorna Lamon on October 15, 2019:

I loved this poem Mark and in particular the last verse. Beautiful.

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