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You Know What You Want Now You Have To Get It

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You Can Talk About It But It Is Not Enough

The days go by quickly

You won't see them pass

Every time you think

The old dreams make their way back

Nothing happens overnight

Hard work is part of the solution

Faith and believing in yourself

Are the glue that sticks it together

You can easily get distracted

From so many other ideas

Writing clears your mind and focuses your thoughts

Taking time

Making the effort

Building on top of a foundation of good

There is not just one way

You have to be flexible

Always adjusting to each situation

Problems will arise

Answers are there

Hidden in a maze

That you have to travel

Boredom and laziness are your enemies

Be aware

The fight can be internal as well as external

Perseverance and a great positive attitude will keep the momentum flowing

More to come

For now I have to keep moving

In the direction I want to go

Small steps are needed

The path I am on

Is so familiar

I gathered up all my emotions

To sort through them one at a time

Letting go of worries

That hold me back

I reach out my hands

Up high in the open sky

To welcome all there is

Feel the love