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You Know How Much This Means To Me

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I Can't And Won't Do This Again

I caught up in a fantasy

Not living in today's world

Too much in the past

What could of been

Too much in the future

What might become

It is impossible to enjoy the now

When you are always trading places

Like changing pieces on a monopoly board

You forget who you are

You also forget where you are going

I am searching for that unique balance

Where you live today

Enjoy all the joys

Regroup and strategize when things don't go so well

Coming up with a new twist to the old approach

Not a whole new everything

There has been so much work and time put into becoming who I have become

it is easy to get caught up in the talk

You have to walk the walk

Good ideas don't make progress

Good thoughts don't make success

Good intentions don't make things happen

All of the above is a great starting point

We have to find it in ourselves to dig deeper

Under the surface where things become more and more sketchy

Working late into the night when we could be watching t.v.

Refocusing than just accepting the outcome

I believe small positive changes make a great life

There are times we all make mistakes

Then I also found there are times we beat ourselves up for past mistakes

One of my problems is I find it hard or next to impossible to let go

What is done is done

We can't change the outcome

Some things are too late

What we can do is make today a better day

Staying healthy and appreciating those who we love

Doing the right thing

Believing in dreams and working in the present to see clearly

At the same time enjoying this moment

Because that's all we really have

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