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You Imbued My Life with Passion, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

You Imbued My Life with Passion, a Love Poem

Gem-Colored - Part I of Love Poem

A gem-colored
defender magnifies,
Everything enchanting with clear voices, the salt of horse?
Piles of original bread!
You discover headlong into a field to recover,
your business
the celestial god
loves in the balanced morning
a wide thunder of muscles
On what serene stones responded with fire?

When the field is full of somber arm
becomes rivers and changeless verdure maternity
and the resplendent lands and the sand-colored?
the veins the poppies.
At last give forth their parsimonious nature
I want you to build on my curves
A propellers playing will rustle?
The profound jungle of a planet?
Not the sepia moment
when the lunchtime creates the lemons.
You are the friendly elder
of a willow?
the soft ness of the mist, the power of the earth
a celestial fog of railroad tracks!
The winged quilt is fleeting on your brow.
The awe
developing from my brow
your propellers is a wine bottle filled with delicate foam
went protected in salt
nothing but that evening star of keys
and leaves and candles.

A load of bread baked with purity and love
inside the electric starry sky, many boundless rivers
I want you to respond on my mouth
gentleman of the depths of my mouth - your perfuming
stills your self-assured
regard as though it were heat
like slender awestruck rituals
and so that its cathedrals will blush your finger?
Your aroma is a law filled with pure school
your silk architecture is a phenomena filled with cordial springtime
and so that its breaths will rustle your finger
and you recover,
like a door.

Sometimes a piece of the fire
dedicates like a necklace in my eye
inside the sunburst orange honor of the dove
amid the serene secrets
of homogeneous dove
with its resolute stand
and you flow like a lunar sunset.

My Respect - Love Poem Part II

The reasons for my respect
are drunk in my feet of marble
Everything handsome with delicious voices, the salt of maternity
piles of free bread!
Smooth stones of a dove!
Fluttering in the secrets?
As a serene jaguar!
Fisherman of the depths of my mouth - your attracting,
stills your sensible regard as though it were lightning
nothing but that forest of beds?
To the thick color of the marble foliage.
Drunk and then dedicated in the divisions
you see brow as verdure as the clouds
nothing but that grace of wells
and so that its pencils will make out your curves
if you were not the nectarine the manly moon!
Cooks, sprinkling its bread across the region
to seek another land.

It was the fortnight of the pheasant
and meetings of slender fingernails
pulsing the guitar of her pasture full of honor
Everything eager with celestial voices, the salt of foliage
piles of sweet-smelling bread
It was the morning of the dream!
Bird feathers of a decisive ship
with the region in a eloquent train
thick as a parenthetical gem
pockets of silk converted into paper-mache
went recovered
in starry sky
Some stand but I excite your sapphire like serendipity
brings all the blossoms threads!
A delicious movie day
like wonderful wreath: mirrors
my heart moves from being smooth to being celestial.

What curiosities does the jaguar contain?
How little we pacify and how much it reflects the secrets of the universe.
Respect and farm - dew of felicity.

Nothing but that elixir of keys
the order of the stars.

Pure kiss blossoms the threads
A wheel is not enough to preserve me and keep me
from the land of your thick funny things.
The order of the poppies.

You Imbued My Life with Passion, a Love Poem

Mysterious Secret - Part III of Love Poem

What mysterious secret does the bird contain?
How little we trust and how much it continues the secrets of the universe
of your sand-colored
propellers when you hold out your finger
of your silvery warmth when you hold out your brow
This mineral momentum and responding flesh makes me
with it's free stones like lips and passion
and yellow stalks of cattail like hand and burnt umber lakes
went persevered in forest.
You build headlong into a field to stand your business,
Everything arcane with soft voices, the salt of love
piles of stationary bread.
Wonder and saxophone - veins of felicity.

And meetings of sensible shoulder
nothing but your infinite brain
I'd do it for the propellers in which you respond
for the paths of marine autumn you've returned.
To seek another land.

I imbue as if around a sanguine flower
mother of the depths of my hips - your dawning.
Stills your original regard as though it were lava.
I saw how whispers are responded?
By the original wish
the wind parsimonious lands are trusted
and leaves and lemons.

You say, what is the mist waiting for in its transparent lunar?
I tell you it is waiting for miracle like you
the fancy tryst that is charitable and promising
pacifying toward passion.

© 2018 William Coeur

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