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You Have a Friend, You Have Me

Arvella is a freelance writer, a researcher and a consultant. She works with adolescents, marriage couples and people with special needs.

You Have A Friend in Me

When the world turns its back on you

When friends do nothing but make you blue

When people around you doesn't seem to care

When the anger inside you feels like a flare...

I am always be here...

To take your pains away

To soothe even your darkest days

To tell you things are going to be fine

To sing you a song (even if i am not that good in singing)

whatever the time,

You feel like a stranger in your own home

You feel like you are all alone,

You think life is so unfair,

That you're just playing a stupid dare...

I am always be here..

To bring you out the best in you

To make you feel that many people care..

To lessen the burden and break it into two

So the other I can carry lightly with you,

No matter the distance

No matter the time

No matter how heavy the burden

No matter how deep or how light the problem

Even if things don't turn out fine.

I am always be her..

I don't care if you remember me last

I just want you to bear in mind

You have a friend

You have me.

I am always be here..

I may not be perfect, I may not be wise,

I may not have all the money in the world,

I may not make you laugh...

But I know I have the heart of someone who greatly cares

Once again, I want you to know that...

I am always be here for you...


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Questions & Answers

Question: How does hate and jealousy between women affect us as women?

Answer: Sometimes, it affects us to develop inferiority complexes with other women. However, this depends on the person. If she will let herself be affected on the other party or not. Hate and jealousy are unproductive values that we must learn to evade as much as possible because it greatly affects our psychological health.

© 2018 Arvella Albay

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