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You Have Me Burning Like a Match Stick

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

match stick burn

match stick burn

I can't contain myself when I am around you

I feel like I am on fire

You make me so hot when I am around you

For your body is my desire

The way you move, the way you dance makes me lit

baby you got me burning like a match stick

I rip my shirt off to cool down

But I just burn some more when you begin to get down

I am burning, baby you make me burn up

Sirens scream, somebody called the fire truck

Its just pure fire

Someone put on the grits

It's just pure fire

Burning like a match stick

It's just pure fire

The heat is on

It's just pure fire

My baby got the burner on

Your moves are turning me into Ra

Steaming the waters at the spa

Baby tell me what you were made with

Cause you got me burning like a match stick

Instant combustion, there is fire in your magic

Scorching the grounds as your feet walks on it

Don't touch me now, I am redder than hell boy

Because the fire burns real,

Not a decoy

Go baby go, blaze it up

Go baby go, shake it up

You got the body and you got the grooves

Lit me like a match stick with your sexy moves

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