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You Figure Why You're Here Yet?

If you’re listening to the world
What is it you think you’re hearing?
I know the street exists but not for me
People say don’t go you’re not a man
Not like that anyway are you?

Where does the sun shine anyway
People look up but what do they see
Is it hope or something to sweat about
Staying true in a romance is what she wants
What if you can’t pay for nothing else?

It’s time to take care of what you know
Somebody is proud of you all the time
But maybe that’s not enough for you now
Is it because you rub your star on his life?
Does it make you feel good or just him?

Did anybody ever figure it out this life?
How can your own language be so foreign?
These people walk by you every day
Speaking in ways you think is seditious
So what street is it then, real or fiction?

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