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You Ever Have One Of Those Days

Your Creative Thoughts Keep Flowing

One idea after another

Pops into your head

You feel incredible

Every bone in your body is in tune

With your mind working magnificently

All your thoughts you ever had

Are available upon request

The good feelings rising

Your bad emotions over the years have been recycled into something positive

Your future is looking bright

As you reach out to all your loved ones

Their presence is near

Your work has never been better

The family is fine

Your love life has launched to new levels

All the things that you have worked so hard to accomplish

Are finally taking shape

Surprised you bet I am

I have been waiting for this day

As long as I can remember

I keep on praying and doing the right thing

Watching as each day unfolds


A little good mixed in with an odd combination of bad

I have learned to take that good

Roll it into a fancy odd shaped ball

Bounce that ball off all four walls

To see the good often and everywhere I look

It creates more of the same or better

As these lovely emotions create more friction

I feel the passion and excitement team up like a dynamic duo

Adventure coming my way

The day goes bye fast

The next day follows quicker than the first

Weeks form months

Months transform into years

Here we are today

The big bang theory of my life

I am speechless once again

What just happened here ?

Where and when ?

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