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You Don't Need Perfect

I finally figured it out
Why'd it take so long?
You don’t want perfection
You nodded when I apologized
We hugged until your mascara dried

I felt like I was walking on a runway
How'd I get there?
I watched a plane fly away
It was so loud, fast and distant
I was thinking you were on it

You’re so forgiving
Why won’t I accept it
It’s because of me
I thought I was perfect

You taught me how to melt
Why was I so hard?
You already knew how
It’s not a war that we fight
Except when I want to be right

You see the world around you
Why is it so far away?
You asked me to paint the picture
How could I when I wouldn’t listen
But it’s you now that I believe in

You’re so forgiving
Why didn’t I use my heart
Now I know what’s right
It took your love to find it

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