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You Don't Know You're Beautiful


Blondey has self published 3 books of poetry on Amazon. You can find her under her pen name Rosemary Amrhein.



Can't you see

your own


Why were you

So hurt

over and over

by so


are you a sacrifice for others

like Jesus?

Why did you suffer for so many

Why did you have to?

Why do you willingly take on pain

Why do you willingly want to help


What is this

You don't see your own


you don't even like yourself sometimes

Because you get confused as to

Why you can't feel loved

Why did it only happen once?

will lighting strike twice?

Can you

pick up the pieces

left behind

start over

it's been 12 years since you

lost true love

Can you begin anew

And find love



don't you see your beauty?

perhaps then you wouldn't be beautiful if you did?

For is true beauty humility?

Or even self dislike?

If someone is too confident

Or arrogant

can they really ever have inner beauty?

That's why I didn't like her

And that is why I liked you sir

Because of your inner beauty

intelligence, wit, humor etc

But never lustfully

I'm sorry you were hurt by me!

I never knew you loved me....

And I'm sorry I was hurt by so many all my life

Not many have ever understood me truly

I'm very complex

I didn't understand me....

nor will anyone else ever probably...

But...I'd be satisfied at least..

If I had lightning strike once more...

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