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You Do Not Need Visa

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Until now she has placed her at the pinnacle of her heart and has been considering

Her to be her friend, yea the best out of all her friends. However she has been having

Another mind to this posit for a while back when her friend gets new appointment

With the leadership of the island, as from thence she hardly answers her calls and

When the phone is answered it is someone else who will answer the call and what she

Will be told is that she is at a meeting with the leaders. She often times leave a message

Behind that she should call her back, she never does call back for once. Well she still

Believes that it must be because of tight schedule for being in the position of leadership

Is not easy at all. She keeps enduring until she was told by some people that what time

It is good for outsiders to reach unto those at the helms of leadership of the island is

Calling them very early in the morning before they leave for office. She yielded to this

And tries to call her friend at those periods yet her friend never answers her call. When

She discussed this with some other people they told her that the person she considers

Her friend was indeed not her friend, the exalted position which she has attained has

Revealed this they told her. Someone else while narrating this told her that a real friend

One does not need to obtain visas before meeting with, neither calling nor interacting

With someone who is a true friend. Immediately one starts feeling forms, starts meeting

With obstacles when one wants to meet with one’s supposedly close friend irrespective

Of the position the person occupies in the society one should know that the person is

Not in the list of his close friends, if one is there before he has removed the person from

Such list and has put him among the secondary, tertiary and or other classes of friendships.

As she stands alone at the balcony of her house, her mind races to the narratives given

By her friends of how people who are close friends treat themselves. Those who are

Good friends, one does not need intermediary to see them, call them, interact with them

ONE FRIEND (Lyrics) - Dan Seals

If they will change their lines because of the position of authority that they have

Assumed they will inform their friends, their secret lines, the direct lines to them, but

Anyone who claims to be one’s friend who cannot be reached directly until one goes

Through someone, and another person, and yet another person, filling forms before

The person could be seen, one should know that such a one is not one’s good friend,

For going through those processes is like filling forms and appearing before the consular

At the embassy, you can be denied access to them as consular deny people access to

Enter their countries. She cannot but agree with this, after reflecting on several attempts

She has taken to reach her friend but failed, then she knows that she is the one who

Places her at the pinnacle of her heart, but she has neither attached much importance

To her from the outset and if she has like those people said, she once had, she has

Removed her from that position to qua-ternary position like the analogy of those people.

Since that has been the case, she concluded within herself that she will seek those

Who are seeking her, be interacting with those who are interacting with her and would

Leave those who have supposedly become big in the society out of the list of her friends

Lest she becomes overtaken by some psychological problems that would degenerate

Into other medical issues, by then it would be late for her…