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You Can't Close One Eye and Not Open the Other

Donna is a writer & poet of things that matter, and things that don't! As the years progress, we learn to paint a picture and learn even mor

You Can't Close One Eye and Not Open the Other

Such a blind eye such a hateful heart
Has scarred your being, has torn you apart
You can't close one eye and open the other
Half-truths whole lies have left you to wonder

One cannot hide, from the truths that are told
Or do the things that make you feel so bold
So confusing- such a split and twisted tongue
When you turn around you just don't see anyone

So, what's left for one to do
Believe in your own lies that you tell to you?
I cannot go with all this thunder
Everything is wrong it's gone six feet under

The blood has drained completely from my heart
Nothing flows through my veins... they've been shattered apart...
The air has been sucked right out of my chest
Leaving my heart in silence! -cardiac arrest!!!-

You watch me in the distance
Feeling your eyes follow me with no resistance...
Your words... they cut just like a knife
With no regard to this mortal life...

Is there no integrity that you might possess?
Just speak in silence! to give it a rest!
Let go of the pain and quiet the thunder
Before it's all gone.... six feet under...

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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