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You Can Only Do So Much

Every Effort Recognized

I have heard the saying growing up

Leaving no stone unturned

There is every good feeling to experience

So if we find a way to bring those feelings out

I repeat don't go hide away behind a t.v. or crawl into bed in the middle of the day

:Life has to be shared

Some days are really hard

Other days it comes easy

Today I plan on going out in my yard and do some Fall clean up

How far I get I am not really sure

I sit here behind my kitchen table slouched back on the hard wooden chair

It is easy for me to get lost

In the world of writing

I love to write

There are times writing has to wait

I put my thoughts in the freezer

To capture that moment

Another time I will pull them out to defrost

I know the day light hours will be less

So I have to take full advantage of all the time I have

I push any thoughts of writing to later tonight

There are many times these writings disappear into the darkness

Never to be heard from ever again

That is the chance I must take

It is already half past noon

I can feel a slight breeze

Followed by the rustle of the wind

It is restless like me

I write this while I am eating breakfast

Trying to get a hold on my day

I got up to wash the dishes in the sink

Make my bed and get dressed

All might seem like frivolous things to you

They have to be done

They are one less thing I have to do

I write a small list

Checking off little by little

What is our day ?

A wonderful series of activities we do constantly

If we can turn those actions into golden moments of time

That highlight where we are heading and how we feel along the way

I feel our life is one incredible poem

Each morning another beginning

Each night another ending

Dreams that we dream tossed in between

We choose to make our life

As little as a tiny little spider or as large as a grand piano

Which ever you choose

Do it with love

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