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You Are the Only Woman- I Am Proud of You Mom!


When I was one month old in your womb,

You’re so excited and you went to the doctor immediately,

Ask the doctor vitamins for me.

You passed the situation being a pregnant woman,

Looking for some food which were hard to find,

Suit to your appetite for you to eat even at once,

You carry me within nine months in your womb,

You make the monitor thru ultrasound,

Until the day when I was born,

It’s the tears of joy,

Finally, you make it,

You delivered me out of many hours,

You are personally do for my personal needs,

You breastfeed me and give my vitamins,

Slowly, I was grow up day by day,

You trained me how to talk,

You trained me how stand up and to walk,

I know it all thru your efforts,

You bought me the toys,

You teach me how play,

I enjoy it really.

You sent me in school,

I know you sacrifice more,

You are doing good things for my future.

Someday when I will finish my studies,

I want to return it all, but I know it is impossible,

The good things that I gained from you,

I am so proud to have you,

Who guide me in the right way,

I am now successful one in my profession we should say,

Only one woman who give my success and happiness,

Only one woman who give more sacrifice,

Only one and no other than my beloved mom,


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