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You Are Really Happy About Something

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


“You look so happy”, he said.

“Is that so?”, I said.

“Yeah.”, he said.

“Oh! I didn’t realize.”, I said.

“It seems you are really happy about something and haven’t shared it with anyone yet.”, he said.

“Yeah. You are right.”, I said.

“Okay. Why don’t share it with me and see if it can bring a nice smile to my face too”, he said.

“No. I am gonna share it with the special one first.”, I said.

“But you can share it with me. I am a close one”, he said.

“Sorry. Not that close. I am gonna share it with her first, sharing it with anyone else before her, might spoil the happiness.”, I said.

And I said right, I think,

Because that’s my choice when I say what to whom.

© 2022 Abhisek Nayak