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You Are My Star

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


You are my light in the dark

You are my star out of many

When other stars refused to illuminate my path

Your light shone brightly along my paths

When walking through dark and dangerous paths

You illumine my paths

Your illumining power gives me strength from within

While in the valley of life

And everything seems bleak

The emergence of your light

Gives me hope, confidence and you

My dead faith comes alive

My weakened faith receives strength

My little faith becomes big

My hopelessness is turned to optimism

By you I have been able to hone my skills

I go with stronger force all because of you

My helplessness has turned to aptitude

My competency has been improved upon

Now I have more force to pursue my dreams,

All because of you

The eroded confidence has been restored

My talent is becoming more obvious

Because you the shining star has shone on me

Mariah Carey - The Star (Official Video)

The erstwhile insurmountable mountains

As I see you by my side have been leveled

‘Cause your words show me the way

With you I am now climbing mountains

With you I shall get to the mountain top

I sure know that with you I stay at the apex

Now I have joy

I have new dream

I have new focus

My hope has been renewed

For you have given me enough reasons

To be alive, to renew my hope

My despair has been turned around

I have been called by new name

I have been viewed from another angle

My star, my joy

My star, My Light

My star, my hope

My star, my faith

You are the only one in my firmament

I see no other star in the firmament except you

I will forever be yours,

I will forever love you.


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