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"You Are My Home" -A Poem

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Meant To Be



This is a poem I wrote about my fiancé when we first started dating. The idea that a person is like your home, or the place that you feel most comfortable, to me, is a sign of true love and friendship. When you are with the right person, you get this feeling that's kind of hard to describe, but it's the way you know they are the one. That's what I discovered in the midst of writing this poem: my true love and best friend. I realized that prior to that day, nothing I had ever felt could compare to the love I feel now. Everything about my past experiences with love pales in comparison to the real thing. The ideas expressed here are merely the reflection of those feelings put into verse, and I hope that you can connect and relate with it the way I can.

You Are My Home

I don’t have to speak to you for long,

To feel inspired.

To feel the music in my soul just waiting to come out

To drive all the way to work

With a smile on my face

With my windows down

Watching the sun rise

Singing at the top of my lungs

I don’t have to hug you for long

To feel the air leave my lungs

To feel breathless and at home

In your arms

To feel like there is no place

I would rather be

Than in your arms as you

Hold me tight

Make me feel like everything

Is okay

I don’t have to look into your eyes for long,

Before I feel my heart flutter

Before I feel like I might just

Want to kiss you

To feel your touch

To want to tell you

Everything that is on my mind

Because I can’t lie to you.

It’s impossible.

I don’t have to miss you for long

To know that I’ve found someone special

Someone who makes me feel

Everything that I’ve always wanted

To feel

Someone that I want to spend more time with

That I would go with anywhere

That I can be alone with

I don’t have to think for long

To know that you are the one

That you are my soulmate

My best friend

The only real love I’ve ever felt.

It makes everything right

Everyone before

Seems to pale

In comparison

To you.

When you find someone like that,

Someone that gets you,

It’s hard to wait,

Because you want every moment,

Every breath to begin and end with that person

You never want to let go of them

It is the most intense love I’ve ever felt

For any person

In my entire life

I can be anywhere,

Absolutely anywhere

And be thinking of you

My mind can’t stop thinking about you

Everything I see, I want you to see with me

Every place I go, I want you there with me

Every feeling in my body,

Feels different, and good, and everything

Reminds me of you.

I want every moment of my life

To begin and end with you.



Structure wise, I know the poem is not much. It's pretty much free verse with some repetition of certain lines. I find that personally, I thrive in the realm of free verse, and even though the poem doesn't follow a specific pattern or structure, I still think there is something poetic and dreamlike about it. There is something to be said for free verse, but it is definitely not the standard when it comes to poetry. I find that when I let my feelings and emotions run wild and just go with what I'm feeling, my ideas come out much better than when I'm trying to force different lines to rhyme. I hope you enjoyed reading this poem and I hope you will continue to read some of my short stories and poems in the future, as I plan on adding more of them here on Hubpages.

© 2022 Anne Marie Carr

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