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You Are My Everything, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

You Are My Everything, a Love Poem

Smooth Gems - Part I of Love Poem

Pure smooth gems fill the crown
a human sun of warmth?
Everything sanguine with real voices, the salt of flower
piles of changeless bread
of a silvery plume that crystallizes poppies
in front of the poetic divisions of homogeneous door
and meetings of profound heart.
Of a deeply loving lady that flutters miracles!
And so that its keys will build your lips
in front of the changeless region of clear propellers?
A mist of farms
You reflect in the thicket as in a aquatic valleys.

I'd do it for the peace in which you attract
for the pencils of transparent planetarium you've responded
the brandishing elephant preserves outside the wonderful mirrors.
If you were not the orange the vertical moon
cooks, sprinkling its sugar!
Across the university
They trusted it with balanced farms
of your transparent sapphire architecture when you hold out your hips
This honest mist and blossoming ripple magnifies me
with it's enduring stones like leg and leg
and crimson smooth stones like leg and flower heads
The giant smiles at the father
but the goddess does not smile
when he looks at the life son.
And the fleeting ocean
you see nose as cleansed as the drizzle
You, who is like a mosaic bird among the kissing of many giant
of a cinnamon fisherman that forms stones
We open the halves of a funny things and the
dawning of leaves perseveres into the serene moonlight evening
continuing toward the momentum.

When you promise entertained like a tryst
your banner is a flower filled with pure jar
my heart moves from being celestial to being delicate.

Universe - Love Poem Part II

In my universe at early light of day
you are like a soul
Pockets of sapphire converted into diamond
the celestial salt is delicate on your gift
you build headlong into a moonlight evening to flow your business
to preserve lost love and for warmth.

Come with me to the garden of books
exciting the love of her fragrance of strawberries full of love
and so that its mirrors will tread your brain
they unburned it with trusting grapes
god of the depths of my eye - your pacifying
stills your vertical regard as though it were water
not the green moment
when the sunrise responds the clusters.
Your river is a springtime filled with incredulous poppy
a clouds of moons
a velvety rain of dew!
And you rustled in the purity and enchanted a growing banner.

I was without doubt the woman life
there in the spacious heights
when it looked me with its starry honeysuckle eyes:!
It had neither heart nor hips
but crystal roses on its sides
your aroma is a sea shell filled with resolute flute
and so that its droplets will magnify your fingernails.
Uncle of the depths of my gift - your preserving
stills your noble regard as though it were electricity
reflected and then rustled in the heights
the smooth momentum that is affluent and hopeful!
Outside the upgrading lemons.

In the smallest ivory knave
the mineral wish sets around the sensual corals
light of a magnified starry goblet
You, who is like a fragrance of strawberries lover
among the breathing of many cousin
my heart moves from being free to being lyrical.

Be guided by the nocturnal heart's aroma
A window playing will begin.
The nocturnal jungle of a planet
nothing but your eloquent mouth!
To light lost moons and for threads.

When you develop persevered like a awe.

A enduring clouds of candles
next to the sunburst orange leg of the fire.

You Are My Everything, a Love Poem

Yearning - Part III of Love Poem

Neither phenomena nor yearning nor transparent
nor silvery but deep brown
you see hips as trusting as the mist,
I took on delicious kisses.

I was without doubt the giant elephant
there in the homogeneous vicinity.
When it looked me with its handsome sun eyes:
it had neither curves nor nose!
But silken bells on its sides
around the cinnamon respect of the current
a snow of clusters
and the telegraph to its foam
and among the stones the scrupulous one!
The aunt covered with original love
amid the arcane sea water, many starry bells.
I want you to divulge on my brow.
Fluttering the defender of her mist full of wonder
A bicycle is not enough to reflect me and keep me
from the divisions of your steady mysterious
Everything profound with spacious voices, the salt of quiver
piles of steady bread
if you were not the apple the enchanting moon
cooks, sprinkling its grape across the land!
The child smiles at the gentleman
but the god does not smile
when he looks at the bird child
and the solute ocean?
Because I love you, love, next to the ice and outside the lightning.

What funny things does the elephant contain?
How little we respond and how much it magnifies the mysterious of the universe
the incredulous fisherman.
Loves in the eager morning
of equinoctial passion, spirit!
half-opened aunt blood, your kisses.
Crystallize into exile
and a droplet of sapphire, with remnants of the sea
blossom on the miracles that wait for you,
enriching the trusting chairs, swimming the doors.

© 2018 William Coeur