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You Are Going Down as I Go Up

Sayka, is a self-taught singer, songwriter, writer and a mixed media artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Once upon a time in a town far away

From the point of locality

I speak to you of this particular reality,

I say hello, to an astoundingly large ship

Sigh, it is now crossing our way

It is crossing our way,

It is crossing our way,

I had seen you for a brief moment

But your face disappeared,

Then it reappeared as my soul went away in just a dip

I am floating away as my body fades into the mist

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

You looked at my physical direction

All of our scenes cannot be this

Imagination of sheer perfection

If I talked in many sections

Then there would not be an end

To how I was really feeling

At that very moment

They would call it depression

I handle; I handle pretty well

This feeling of suppression,

I had a chance

I had only a single glance

Of your smile

But what I really needed and desired

My brain wired to this precious subject called time

Of which they say 'Once gone never comes back',

As I had only a few words to share

To you it may not cost a single dime

I remember how you acted cunning

My heart beat like hasty drumming

I remember how you fought

Like the brave Joan of Arc

You saved slaves of plenty,

You saved slaves of a good number.

They were the sufferers

Of what we call multiple horrid terror

It was from the start of that very day

I had found what I truly sought for my destiny

I tried to cross,

I tried to pass,

I dream to reach you alas.

I tried to pass,

I tried to send across

Just a few words,

I can no longer keep myself

Behind these shattered glass

I saw too much blood

My eyes were never ready to see so much

They went shut suddenly with painful tears dripping

That was what my soul

Recalled as my last tripping

My soul floated away faster than a flash

My body swayed on the surface with the moss

As I notice you give my body a strange but hesitating smirk

I was better off being with the ignored dirt

Jumbled with many thoughts

Where I am now to where I was

I will not be missing your existence


I'll truly miss the feeling of the grass

And the ground

With my departure

Chapter one ends right here

I pray nobody needs to pay such a shallow farewell, I adhere;

Since now at the end of my breath,

I finally see; I can finally say my last words

In repeat to thee take this as a chorus,

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

Truly you must be pondering right now

Cannot be certain how you must really feel

Whilst physically present,

I really worked hard turning them wheels

You are just you,

I am just me,

In this brink of reality

I see in me nothing that equals to hate or greed

But I do feel and with all my pleasure,

I finally feel freed.

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

You’re going down as I go up

© 2019 Sayka Shafrin

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