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Yesterday's Madness Lead Me to Sanity (A Heartbreak Poem for Valentine's)

Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...

Will true love ever come?


The beat of your heart, I can no longer hear
Where did you go after leaving me?
If only these shadows will whisper to my ear
Your whereabouts my long lost sanity.

The journal of a sage
Is now nothing but a cage filled with rage
Madness took over and started writing on this page
Madness, when will you finally belong to yesterday?
Will you rewrite the pages and make sanity stay?

Madness came. Madness conquered.
Did I fight or allowed myself to be conquered?
Sanity was with me. Sanity left me.
Was she selfish or she deserves to be free?

© 2019 Paul Balagtas

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