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Yesterday’s Food May Still be Hot


Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. The paramount ruler was given

Enormous power to rule over

All the inhabitants of the earth

2. No king in the entire

World could face him as

A person neither his warriors

3. He was greatly feared and

Common proverb in the mouth

Of each and sundry is

4. The fear of him is

The beginning and end of

Peace, long life and tranquility

5. He has conquered many nations

And has put his subjects

There as rulers and governors

6. One of the governors overseeing

The west coast was very

Stern and difficult to please

7. He rules with iron fist

Adds to the burden which

Has already been on people

8. Since he was the representative

Of the great ruler, his

Decree could not be circumvented

9. Anyone who tries to circumvent

His rules would have himself

And probably his family to blame

10. What he says stands because

He was the only one

That had access to paramount one

11. This has been on going

For years and the paramount

One thinks all was well


12. All is okay with people

Of the west coast. As

Fate would order it, something happened

13. The Paramount one has a

Problem that refuses to go

Ignoring all remedies and trials

14. That have been proffered to

The solution. He has seek

For solution among the people

15. Those living in the palace

And those within the neighborhood

But all to no avail

16. He sent messages to all

The rulers and governors and

Soon they all be gathered ‘gether

17. They were gathered at the

Palace, and he told them

What the nagging issue was

18. It was disappointing that none

Of them could proffer solution

To the Paramount one’s dilemma

19. He sadly dismissed them from

His presence to their base.

But his heart was restless.

20. Thinking day and night until

One of his wives approached

Him told him to try an option

21. He asked him to make

It an open blanket, throw

The subject open to citizens

22. Within and without the palace

For who knows there may

Be someone somewhere with solutions

23. His heard was relieved after

Hearing this, made announcement throughout

All the regions and provinces


24. That he has something disturbing

Him and anyone who can

Help the paramount ruler out

25. By offering solution to it

Would have his father’s house

Liberated, blessed within the country

26. Not only that, such a one

Would be eating with the

Paramount one as from immediately

27. The news got to the

West coast through the messengers

Of the paramount one from center

28. A young man within the

West coast heard the news

And decided to try his luck

29. He alongside others were gathered

At the palace of the paramount

One to find solution to the conundrum

30. None out of those who

Were gathered except the young

Man from the west coast

31. Could help the Paramount one

Out. He proffered solution to

What has been given him sleeplessness

32. After providing solution to the

Paramount one’s conundrum his family

Was ordered for at palace

33. They started living with the

Paramount one, for someone of

Such wisdom, understanding and intelligence

34. Should not be far from

The paramount ruler, he is

Essential ‘n’ desired in policy making

35. Of the country and in

Other things that would decisions

That would be taken to change world


36. He is nay ordinary being

The assistants of Paramount one

Said, and was agreed with

37. He was incorporated into the

Affairs of leadership of the

Paramount one immediately without waiting

38. As tides and times wait

For none, the leader of

The west coast also seeks favor

39. Favor from the paramount one

For it is time for him to

Be promoted to the next level

40. The promotion could not be

Done without passing through the

Office of the young man from West

41. Governor of the West coast

Was counseled to see the

Young man for his promotion

42. Others have appended their signatures

To his promotion, the only

One left was the young man

43. His signature is considered by

The paramount one to be

Singular and majority for many reasons

44. Outside resolving the conundrum that

Brought him to palace he

Has done other things of note

45. Since then has it been

Cleared to everyone within palace

And beyond that he has established ‘self

46. Hesitantly, the governor of the

Westcoast approached the young man

Seeking for his hand in the matter


47. Promising him to be his

Loyalist and servant all days

Of his life if could be assisted

48. For this position is his

Peak. Failure to attain this

He cannot move further again

49. Except to be waiting for

His recall back to his

Base. But this he doesn’t want

50. He equally want to be

One of the paramount one’s

Right handed man before his death

51. It is the most coveted

Position by all governors and

everyone within the land and beyond

52. Youngman’s Gift has made him

Scale through many years of

Hurdles, it has made him exceptional

53. It has made him scale through

Protocols of choosing leaders within

The land, all eyes on him

54. He heard what the governor

Said and promised to assist

But had to inform his parents

55. He doesn’t usually involve his

Parents in his decision, but

In his case things changed

56. For unclear reasons he decided

To involve his parent in

What should be done for governor file

57. His parents told him he

Must not append his signature

To his file for what he did before


58. They were not the ones

He directly injured while ruling

With iron land in West coast

59. People injured were still languishing

In sorrows for what he

Did to them years back.

60. Outside that, he was told,

The man could not be trusted

He would turn around and harm him.

61. He was sober, on hearing

These, felt for the West coast

Governor, but the decision has been made.

62. That was how he missed

The apical position and was

Relieved off duties some days afterwards

63. He became like other persons

Ordinary people within the nation

His voice couldn’t be heard again

64. He reaped the reward of

His works when he least expect

How he least expect from whom he least expect

65. “Yesterday’s food may still be

Hot”, people of the land’s common

Proverb when they heard of what happened.


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