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Yesterday I Thought I Knew.

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Yesterday I thought I knew

Which way the day would go

But as luck and fate convened

Sweet vibes just would not flow.


Obstacles grew and smirked with glee

My plans were killed outright!!

And the day just ended up

Nothing but a massive fight!!


I thought I had it all planned out

I thought I’d smile all day

But ended up uttering words

It’s best just not to say!!


I went to bed with such a pain

Filling my poor battered head!!

It should have been a day of fun

But became a war instead!!


But today a brand new day is born

Banished are glooms and glums!!

The lesson in all this to be learnt

Is take life as it comes!!!


Take life as it comes

Acquiring are the crumbs

Knowing is life’s tutor

Each affair conceals a suitor.


Lifting emotions to a kingdom whole

Inside that troubled soul

Finding the way through the wilderness

Evening liaisons caress.


Always believe always stay strong

Softly the footsteps know you belong


Inside the heart answers galore

Teasing, playing looking for more.


Confident that day will dawn

Override that feeling forlorn

Meanings are hidden from the eye

Emotions to either laugh or cry

Sure of that blue sunny sky.

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