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Yes, You Guessed It

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It's Snowing In April

That incredible white puffy stuff

Tossed from the sky

Like a ceasar salad

High in the air

Falling straight down

As Quickly as it can

Soon covering every spot

That once was bare

Large flakes lifting each other up

Climbing on the railing

All over the deck

Racing across the green grass covered lawn

It started really early

Long before I got up

The time is a little before seven

We must have an inch or maybe two

Those poor Spring flowers

Run for cover

If you know what is good for you

Too cold

You will shrivel up and freeze

All those beautiful colors lost in a world of white

The temperature thirty-six degrees

The sky filled with grey

As if a little girl scribbled it on paper

So bland and bare

Our driveway randomly speckled

Like a big Easter Egg that was misplaced

A lonely pine

Begins to whine

Bring back Spring

Where I dangle and shine in the wind

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