Yes It's That Time Again

Updated on June 23, 2020

Where People Go Crazy

I am only a bird

But I have seen it time and time again

What is wrong with you humans?

Birds are so much smarter than you think

Birds can talk we chose not too

My fellow birds told me don't do it

I thought I would break the code of silence

If I tell you once and for all

Maybe you will understand

If I tell you too much at once

You will probably get all choked up

Birds never have that problem

You haven't probably noticed

We eat constantly

We never I repeat never choke

Maybe it's a people thing

You are too busy doing what people do

Causing riots in the streets

Destroying buildings and hurting people

Someone has to do something about it

I guess you will never learn

So this bird will have to take a stand

I am sure you will probably screw this all up too

Before you know it you will be taking down all great bird statues

Good bye Bald Eagle

You all have a lot of things wrong with you

Wearing masks everywhere you go

I have news for you

You spoiled Halloween for me


It's no fun if you hide your face every day

When it comes to getting sick or worse dying

You people freak all out

Us birds

Live with it

Long before you

Have you heard of 1996?

You were too busy hyping up George Orwell's 1984

He is a nice guy and all

But between you and me

He didn't deserve all that credit

Does the year ring a bell?

I am not talking about 1776?

Where have you been living under a rock?

The bird flu

Birds were dying

Thirteen thousand before we got it under control

You didn't see us flying all crazy

Keeping social distance

We kept on doing what we are best at

Being incredible and lovable

We get up every morning and sing

You don't hear us moaning and groaning

So if you get the chance to read this

Look out your window or open your door

The birds will help you

Give you a few good pointers from time to time

You do know

We have beaks for a reason

Not to show you, people, up

But to lead you in the right direction

Sometimes you get things all wrong

Life is not here just for you

It is here for everybody

Even us birds get into a tiff every so often

It's no big thing

Sometimes one of us has to put their foot down

Someone else tries to hog up all the bird seed

Yes, we have our bullies too

That's a story for another day

You people spend all your time

Arguing and constantly talking

Wasting every second

When you could be singing

Did you think we were born great singers?

I thought you were on the right track

With Ray Charles, John Lenin and Bob Dylan

We practice every day

Once again you people do it all wrong

For beginners you sleep way too much

Us birds get up at the crack of dawn

We don't sleep our life away

We don't watch t.v.

It was called the boob tube for a reason

We know the early bird gets the worm

We have tried to help you over the years

I don't get it

You listen for awhile

Then you think you know it all

Back up buddy

We have known it all from the beginning of time

You want to take credit for everything

We have to draw the line

The birds and the bees was our idea

You stole it

Then you tried to make everyone believe

The wise old owl was your thoughts too

Enough is enough

We appreciate a helping hand

A little bird seed once and awhile

If you notice we get so little and make it last

We don't stock up and hoard

What is it with paper towels and toilet paper anyway?

One last thing

What is with all the sanitizers?

Once again birds do it better

You always see us taking a bird bath

We know you don't wash your hands

We don't want to get sick again

What's every person paranoid?

When was the last time you seen a bird not fly

I am kind of glad you aren't driving and flying everywhere

Just wanted to let you know

Your not that good at it

You would think you would learn from the Wright Brothers

Safety first

You get all bent out of shape

Over the littlest things

We don't wear seat belts

We fly more than you

When was the last time you seen two birds crash

You have to be really stupid

Not to understand

I am not saying anything


I think you should all go back to school

Instead what do you do?

Shut all the schools down


You mock the president and what he does

Are you any better?

We have a saying

Birds of a feather flock together

I will tell you more later

If you will only listen

Instead of shooting your mouth off

Shut your beek

Maybe my fellow birds were right

Your such a bird brain


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      10 days ago

      Chatra Ram We all have our good days and the ones that we want to forget. Sometimes they blend to make a giant mess. It takes us a while to find our way. We have to remember good things take time. It is better to go a little slower than to rush through and not remember anything. Thank you for all your support and comments. I hope your day is going incredible.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      10 days ago

      John Hansen Wow that took me forever to respond to all my comments. I threw myself into a tailspin and I kept yelling pull up, pull up, and finally, I pulled myself out of it. Not a bad day or week at all. Just busy from morning to nightfall. Trying to get into the swing of things. I wish I was a kid again where all I had to do is jump on the swing set and pump those legs faster and faster. To go higher and higher. As an adult, we have so many opportunities and it is up to us to take advantage of them. Sometimes they just sneak on by. I am eating a few cherries to give me a lift. So sweet they are such a healthy treat. Thank you for all your comments. Have a great day.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      Great to read some common sense from a birds eye view, DreamOn. I actually just published a poem called Birds of a Feather, in my Poems From the Porch 35. People are going crazy. They should listen to the birds.

    • Chatra Ram Lahua profile image


      2 weeks ago from BARMER INDIA

      Very beautiful and enjoyable!


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