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Years and years

Years ago we were so young and so in love. we were free and careless and insatiable for eachothers touch. Years went by and our love rose and fell apart like the great empires of the ages who inspire mystify us. It was as though the world would would come alive when we embraced, and fall to pieces when we would part.
Years kept moving by as we began to move apart. Our hearts were left cold and resentful, but deep within there was still an ember burning For you.

years and years had gone but now I could only remember you. You had gone and I had given up hope. But hope is funny, much like life.

Now after all these years I have seen you again, heard your voice, and and held you in my arms. My hope is returned. Not a hope for something I know I won’t have, but a hope that we continue our dance. Two souls orbiting, bound by a gravity neither can overcome, yet somehow on our own paths.

Years and years will come and go and the ember in my heart will ever burn. And I know that burn will last in you. We are two hearts, two souls, but when we are one, just for our brief moments, the world is on fire with us.

for you...^^

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