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Years Pass As we Gasp

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In Shock and Concern

What happened to yesterday

It came and went

Now it seems like it never happened

We can hold on to today

Grip it as tight as can be

It will soon slip away

How did that happen ?

I held it close

As humanly possible

The truth nobody wants to hear

We weren't designed to keep what we can't control

We have to let it go

When we hold something tight

We are rigid and and tense

When we let something go

We are relaxed and at ease

The opposite of what we feel

Is the way to go

Life is an on going process

That I don't think we will ever completely understand

We can talk about it

Discuss it even further

Learn little things we didn't know

Sometimes forgetting things we learned before

Finding happiness in small moments of joy

Gives me the greatest satisfaction

To experience and then share

For we all have a lovely life in our hands

Until it is gone

We can do all we can

To express it's true beauty

The sun will rise and set

I can see the darkness turn to light

Then the reverse all over again

Beauty is all around us

To be seen and unseen

All during our lifetime

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