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Years Ago Have Resurfaced

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Not An Easy Pill To Swallow

I have done many writings over the years

Things happen and we get ahead of ourselves

It is not uncommon to have blocks of writings disappear

Some writings have been misplaced and forgotten

Unfortunately, they were not in the best place

Some writings got wet and are barely legible

I am madder at myself than anyone else

A waste of time and energy

An effort to make something special

Now it is far from it

I will look over what I have in a few days

I have to be calm and relaxed

I am too tense and broken I am feeling sad

I have a number of feelings I am working through

If I only cared more?

How could I have known?

I have lost writings in the past

They put me in a dark place

I never had the access to putting everything on the computer

Too much and where do I begin

So I continue writing about today and some days I backtrack

Much what I might have written about could have been just my daily routine

My work schedule and who I talked to

Then again it could have been anything?

I always had lots of different thoughts and ideas?

Today you can put everything on the computer

I send a lot of e-mails to myself

Trying to keep better records

Old habits are hard to break

I still like using the old pen and paper technique

So when I think back

What do I remember?

How are my views on life changed?

I know many people I once knew have passed away

They were in the seventy's and eighties back then

That was twenty plus years ago

I always loved talking to older people

Thinking I could learn something

Know one I knew ever wrote

So I was the first

Always breaking new ground

It would have been nice to have someone who could have helped or guided me

That was so long ago

I went solo for as long as I can remember

Then I found HubPages

Where you could publish your writings

That is when I started publishing poems

Thinking that would be a great way to express my thoughts

At the same time not offend anyone

Just my view of the world

Good or bad or somewhere in-between

Then I got a chance to meet so many writers

They were so passionate about their writing

I thought I found a little bit of heaven

I have been enjoying it ever since

So for all those writers who have old writings in boxes down the cellar

It might be time to dig them out

Put them in a safer place

You will be glad you did

I will be so happy you did