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The Introvert

When life hit you once, go back and hit at it twice or even thrice maybe.

Feeling of rejection

I was such a good girl.

I never wanted to hurt anyone.

I loved life.

I loved my family.

I loved everyone around me.

But why am I so lonely.

Why do I feel so comfortable in the dark.

All alone with my thoughts.

Lots of thoughts and tears flowing through my eyes.

With sorrows and pain killing me from inside.

Who do I call?

Who do I explain my woes to?

Who can understand me?

I wanna be loved and not pitied.

Several times I consider suicide but why can't I just end it all.

Thinking about it kills me the more.

My tears uncontrollable and my chest aches.

I need a saviour.

I need to be rescued.

I need a shoulder to cry on.

I need an arm to comfort me.

I need someone to show me love.

I wanna feel what love is like.

I wished the word "Rejection" never existed.

Why does that horrible word follow me almost wherever I go to.

Everyday I ask my maker, why did you bring me into this world to suffer.

Why was I created knowing that my life will turn out this way.

Why didn't my mother get rid of me even before I was born.

Many questions that are left unanswered.

My heart bleeds in silent.

Inhales and exhales.

I tried several times but I still finds it difficult to hurt myself.

So I chose to fight because

Suicide is never an option.

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