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What do you think?

I’m back on top of the world today for something new has been said

Four words “I Love You Babe” were told today that brought me back up from the dead

The person who had assumed my place had me dreaming of real hell

But the me I love is back today and can for surely foretell

This world had me thinking that I could never find myself

But I sat down next to you and we put our biases on the shelf

Then we said some things I knew we should and now I feel well

I want to yell at the top of my lungs that I’ve found a person here

Who wants to sit down next to me and help me like a peer?


I’m going to pick things up and start them off how I think they should appear.

I want to sit down next to you and pull off all my limbs

Just so I can prove to you I’m eternal like the wind

I’m here on Earth for many years I simply cannot leave

I thought I would but then I sat and listened to you breathe

Your breath came and told me that I simply can’t give in

It said I’ve got potential and that I can’t throw my towel in

It told me that I’m going right and I’m doing what I do

It told I’m impressing you with my each and every move

It told me to keep doing things I know and love to do

For those simple things,

I can do mean a whole lot more to you

When I sat down,

and I looked at you I could hear words from your hair

It flowed beautifully in the wind and I didn’t believe that I was there

It spoke to me in many ways I never understood

But when I thought about it

I realized I could

I stood right there in front of you and watched your beauty flare

It whispered up and down my ear and told me when and where

I’m mesmerized by the thoughts that could be carried by your stare

When you looked at me I realized that you just might really care

That’s a step ahead of everyone who has been here for their share

I don’t care what they think of me because I’m here with you

They can talk their talk and walk their walk,

but I know it isn’t true

They can say that I’m not happy and say that I’m a prick

But I know that they’re all jealous because for them I do not spit

With you,

I just want to sit and hear your heartbeat pound away

But what I want more than that is to know what it’s trying to say

It’s the only part I cannot hear in you each single day

I want to know am I in there and how long you think I’ll stay.

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