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Yard Work Or Exercise Routine Which Is It?


A Bit Of Both

Bending and lifting

Walking and carrying

Moving leaves around into a pile

Mowing them into tiny pieces

Composing them into another pile

Turning the leaves over that already are in the pile

Mowing the grass

Back and forth

Up and down

Planting flowers that we just bought

Digging up old flowers that went to the flower graveyard in the sky

My wife found a tick on my shirt

It always freaks me out

I sprayed myself with Deep Woods Off

So the tick was not too happy

Probably packing up his bags and leaving town

When we caught him staying still

I enjoyed being outside

Just as much as I like to exercise at the gym

Which one is better

It all depends where you stand

If you are where I am

You can see a nice cut lawn and flowers blooming

I might not have the ribbed abs and the huge biceps

So many muscles I can't see

Got a workout they won't forget

There is still parts of the yard I didn't finish

Around the shed and around the rose bushes

More leaves to mow

Summer is not over

That means more holes to dig

For another new plant on its way

More green grass to cut

Branches to trim

Weeds to remove

That means to me

No gym membership

Free exercise from morning till dusk

No crowds

No masks

No sanitizing every station

I can get down and dirty

As often as I like


DREAM ON (author) on May 19, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I will have to look for it. In the past, I heard about Avon's Skin So Soft lotion but never bought it. My wife doesn't like bug spray at all. I will try anything that works. I take a teaspoon of honey a day that works great on my allergies from pollen. It is local honey, not a store-bought type. Before I would have to take Claritin or my eyes would tear up so bad I had to come in the house. I love all kinds of helpful hints and tips. They save time and money. Best of all they help us feel good. Thank you for reading so much and sending a variety of comments right back. An odd week and it's nice to share through hard times.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:

Habe your wife try Avon skin so soft lotion...or even bath oil.

It uses to work for me as bug repellent.

A large bottle isn't much since it lasts all season.

I think its like 11.00 dollars.

It's not the big repellant one they try to sell you.

It's regular lotion in a pink or yellow bottle i believe.

DREAM ON (author) on May 18, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I try to water the plants in the morning and my wife will help. When she is outside she is a bug magnet and gets welts from the bug bites. We spray ourselves with Deep Woods Off that helps me sometimes it doesn't matter. Off to work. May your day be fun and filled with laughs. Thank you for dropping in and sharing.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 16, 2021:

Your words describe it perfectly...no flower left behind.

You have a complete article right here in your comments.

Keep up the great work.

DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

Lorna Lamon I am like a handyman for the plants. What they really need is a real live wholesome down to earth farmer like yourself. I toil in the soil. I talk to each plant as if it is listening to my every word. It is funny how the bad weather can change the outdoors real fast. It can go from paradise to nasty at a drop of a hat. I have been covered from head to toe with mud. Other times the sun had burnt me to a crisp. Each time my own fault. Over time I learn. There are also those times where I have been eaten alive. It is really an art form. I also find it inspirational as well as the two you have mentioned. Those poor flowers who have gone to the graveyard in the sky. Some surprise me and are reborn. Then others are just too far gone. There have been times I have planted plants and got busy and I didn't water them as much as I should. Then again the deer had chopped my hosta down to size. A critter had dug at the roots and devoured something so tasty. Bugs have eaten the leaves and the plant is hanging on for dear life. I now spray some plants with bug spray and sometimes soap and water will do the trick. White vinegar is also good. There is so much you could teach me. I just go out and wing it. Dig a hole and say a prayer. I am the All-American Dreamer. I have to leave the real farming to the people who have done it their whole life. I dab and tinker. Watch as a plant grows. Put down some wild seed and never know what I will find next. I have grown some blueberry plants and tomatoes in the past. I love it when I can actually eat what I only months earlier watered and watched it grow. I could listen to the experts because they have gone through any problem you could ever imagine. It's not an easy life. If you are not careful one year you could lose a whole crop. Unexpected heavy rains or drought. Insects can do an awful job. I get a taste of the good and don't forget the bad. Thank you for reading and sharing your own personal story. That makes all my mistakes and my blunders come to light. I try to bury them deep in the soil. They only surface the next time it rains. So I learn to deal with the good and the pain. I can't think of a better way to stay in shape. I never once thought I have to do ten more curls or three more reps. Have a lovely Sunday. May each day bring out the joy that we all can find with a little help from a friend.

DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE It is so much fun to get away from our normal day-to-day routine. Who knows maybe I was a farmer in another life. Tending to the crops and turning over miles and miles of soil. Seeing how beautiful the land can be with all kinds of plants. Maybe huge fruit trees or even an apple orchid or two. We can't forget those flowers that make everything shine in a different light. Enough for one day. Back at it tomorrow. No plant left behind. Thank you for always caring. No matter where my mind may take me. Have a great day.

DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

Peggy Woods You would be surprised how every time I get up I have to go back down. I move left when I should have moved right. I can hear the birds chirping in a distance. They know what I am doing. They are all watching me from their secret spots. Sometimes hidden away up in the trees or right out in the open. I am glad you got outside to enjoy yourself too. It was a beautiful day here. May we have many more days of labor of love. Where the wonderful magnificent plants will grow on their own. With a little help from yours truly. Keep up all the good work. The rewards will be a hundredfold. At the same time, we will have that slim and trim figure that won't stop. Thank you for spending the afternoon and enjoying that wonderful fresh air with me.

DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I can see the transformation. There are more and more plants slowly popping out of the soil. Each one reading my mind. How about me. I am over here. I am next. Don't forget me. I want to look beautiful too. Almost if each plant was getting all dolled up for a night on the town. I drift in and out of reality. I shake up the earth under their roots. Fix them if they have fallen over. Pull out any weeds in their way. Give them more room to breathe and thrive. Each plant is different in so many ways. Maybe a little flower on its way. Not there yet. More care. More love. Each plant communicating to me not in words but in thought. I love this natural wonderland. The smallest plant has the biggest potential. I add some water and I am on my way. Next plant. I am working on an assembly line. How many plants will get done? It all depends on how fast I can move and what care they need. Sometimes you have to spend extra time because you know down the line they will be more beautiful than before. I better stop there. The guys in the white suits will be looking for me. I will have to back to that big white building where they don't let me outside until I am all feeling funny and a bit woozy. (lol) Where the sunshine hurts my eyes. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. The money I saved goes right towards more perennials that will give me endless rewards year after year. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Doing our part. I like when we can make the world a little more beautiful.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 14, 2021:

It's not as bad as it seems.

After you are done...you get the reward of seeing a job well done.

Then relaxing and looking at all those beautiful flowers and that well manicured yard.

Enjoy getting down & dirty and think about all the money you saved without buying a gym membership.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 14, 2021:

I did some of that yesterday in our yard. I moved some dirt around, did some weeding, and planted flowers. That exercise also works!

Lorna Lamon on May 14, 2021:

I prefer to be outdoors in all weathers Dream On and I've never had a Gym membership. I find working outside to be soothing and exhilarating. I've lived my whole life on a farm and I can find no better way of keeping fit. A great poem, and I love the idea of 'the flower graveyard in the sky'.

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