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Yard Work Or Exercise Routine Which Is It?

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A Bit Of Both

Bending and lifting

Walking and carrying

Moving leaves around into a pile

Mowing them into tiny pieces

Composing them into another pile

Turning the leaves over that already are in the pile

Mowing the grass

Back and forth

Up and down

Planting flowers that we just bought

Digging up old flowers that went to the flower graveyard in the sky

My wife found a tick on my shirt

It always freaks me out

I sprayed myself with Deep Woods Off

So the tick was not too happy

Probably packing up his bags and leaving town

When we caught him staying still

I enjoyed being outside

Just as much as I like to exercise at the gym

Which one is better

It all depends where you stand

If you are where I am

You can see a nice cut lawn and flowers blooming

I might not have the ribbed abs and the huge biceps

So many muscles I can't see

Got a workout they won't forget

There is still parts of the yard I didn't finish

Around the shed and around the rose bushes

More leaves to mow

Summer is not over

That means more holes to dig

For another new plant on its way

More green grass to cut

Branches to trim

Weeds to remove

That means to me

No gym membership

Free exercise from morning till dusk

No crowds

No masks

No sanitizing every station

I can get down and dirty

As often as I like

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