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Two Hearts, Poetry

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Love is fully alive and active! Its essence enriches our every sense. And, whether we are receiving, or giving, love is an endless blessing!

Two Hearts


Two Hearts

Beneath the velvet moonlight, two lovers dance in a lucid dream as they are caught up in the captivating spell of each other's embrace. Everything around them blurs, and disappears all-together; all that exists is the sacred love for one another that each of them hold within their impassioned hearts.

Two Hearts


Two Hearts

Thrill me

to your rhythm

as we dance

across the floor,

Lead me by

your heartbeat,

as my own

cries out for more!


Disarm me,

my defenses,

within your pulsating,

heated sweat,

Take hostage,

and tame

this beast,

into your willing pet.

Two Hearts

Take me... take me... far beyond this realm...


Secure me

within the arms

of your savage,

hungry need,

Breathe deeply

in my scent,

as you ravenously

take your feed!


Waltz me

far beyond this realm,

as we float above

a sapphire night;

Trap me, forever,

into your captivity,

where time resists

its natural plight!

Two Hearts


are the intoxicating


escaping liquid-silk


as the gentle breeze

brushes by each sunlit

fuchsia rose.

— Yancosky

Two Hearts


Two Hearts

The scent of Jasmine

and Wysteria

flutter throughout

the plush air of the warm,

starry night,

as do the wings of a woman

longing to be savagely subdued

beneath her husband's

hungry bite.

Two Hearts


Two Hearts

The never-ending rhythm of love flows in a sweet harmony throughout the shimmering, starry nights, and dances upon a fully-lit, vanilla moon.

And, whether we are the receiver of love's wondrous gifts, or the honored giver, just to abide on the edges of its velvet glow is enough of a blessing to each and every sense!

Two Hearts


Two Hearts

Dwelling within each

of the five corners

of the world are:

Love, Faith, Hope, Joy

and Poetry.

But, it is from within

the beautifully chaotic

corner of the exquisitely

perfumed words of Poetry,

in which these four other

wondrous attributes

are experienced

with all the fullness,

and splendor

of their stunning


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