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Yahuwah Elohim

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Yahuwah Elohim, my God my master

Your name was before life,

Yahushuwah, the one who saves, cleanser of sins

Yahuwah in flesh, your son, our teacher

Yahuwah Elohim, you are second to no other

You have manifested your love and humbleness through your fleshly son

Yet we beleiveth not, instead hard nails placed in palms, blood quenches the ground

As her child dies Miryam, heart dies too

But the eternal one Elohim knows because of this mankind has seen a renew

Yahuwah, Oh divine force make me whole again

Make me see the truth, free me from this prison on earth

Elohim, I wish to see, to be enlightened

Remove the deceit from my eyes, bind those who have made us strifled

Do you hear me Lord?

Do you hear me calling in need of your hand

A lost soul, seeking cognition and redemption?

Elohim, tell me please, which way to that secret land you have prepared

Elohim, I am ignorant, bewildered and scared

Tell me, why have they deceived the world with fake doctrines

Putting us further from your magnificent glory

Mighty and forever Yahuwah, straighten our path, teach us the true story

Yahushuwah, only through you shall we see the almighty

Who sits above the dome of the earth

Only through you, our son, our savior.

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