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YOU Do Have a Plan for Me

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Stuck between two planes,
I am torn constantly apart,
I cling to the hope,
YOU do have a plan,
The winds are not damaging
My insides, just on a whim,
YOU do have a plan.

The first plane is common plane
One beneath from where
I wanted to take a flight,
to forsake darkness,
in search of light.

The second plane more Dynamic
One for where my road began,
As I earnestly started,
A journey to reach YOU.

The ones living on common plane
Won’t allow my flight to begun
And ones living on dynamic plane
Won’t allow my wings to Dare.

And the wind beneath my wings
Watched in silence as
The pulls of both planes
Contrived to tear my wings apart.

Broken wings I hurled down,
Screaming in pain I called out for YOU,
And yet the wind remain silent,
Oh so silent.

Downwards I fall,
With still lingering hope in my heart
Before I reach the abyss,
Before the damage is done,
Before the wings are completely torn,

The wind will have to begin
The wind will have to flow again
With frenzy as it will take speed,
Oh !! I will be airborne again.

Not like a broken doll will I be
Like a phoenix I will fly,
With wind beneath my healed wings,
Oh ! I will reach the Dynamics
And YOUR home will be mine.

YOU do have a plan.
YOU do have a plan for me,
It's not in vain
My wings take the beatings.

----- ROOHI

© 2018 Roohi

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