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Writing with ink of blood isn't the best. Write through your tears, not only it's transparent, but you know it's pure.

Credits to the rightful owner of the photo.


Her sadness and pain was written

With the use of a paper and a help of a pen.

Tears from her eyes, in the paper was fallen.

But no one knows, that she was so broken.

She use her hands to tell what she feels.

And keeps her mouth, completely seal.

The pen and the paper where she's writing.

Is the way for her to express her feelings.

The moon is her light,

In her room, on a very cold night.

Stars were shining bright.

Guiding her to do what's right.

Rain was keeps on falling.

As her eyes keeps on crying.

Her room was filled with her sobs.

Thinking the people she truly loves.

She always want to end her pain.

But part of her saying, please not this way.

She was dead broken yet keeps promising.

"I should be tough, I'll keep on fighting!"

That's why she continue on writing,

That's why she keeps on dreaming.

With the use of a paper and a help of a pen.

Her sadness and her pain was completely written.

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