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Writing From a Far Better Place

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Where Nothing is What It Seems To Be

Every day is a deep dark mystery

You want to do things even though you can't

You try an attempt and other people don't understand why?

That would give most people reason to stop

Instead it gives you fuel to the fire

To prove them wrong

To show the world something they did not see

How is it that nobody can translate?

A feeling so strong

A thought mixed and confusing

Yet believed not to be true

If we work hard enough then progress should show us proof

All we see is more headaches and conterversary

There has to be an easier way?

One that I did not find

We live in a world

Where some things slide

Other things get pushed under the rug

People turn a blind eye

To something they don't like

When they really could offer help

As the darkness covers the day

The light will find a way to skip away

There is no real solution

Only a small answer to a bigger problem that lies ahead

Running out of time

Not without juggling the facts

Every day is a chance to make a difference

There may be a will

Yet so little help to get us where we are going

So we end up where we may not want to be

Until tomorrow then we can open a new can

Only to find new ideas instead of worms

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