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Writing And Drifting Away

What Better Time

To bring out the beauty in our words

To see ourselves shine

To appreciate nature through a cold winter walk

Sit inside and watch it while drinking a hot chocolate

There are so many emotions to be captured

If we are not careful

They can soon escape

From the joy of beauty all around us

It is so easy to take for granted

An artist takes the time to draw the world we know

Through shades of white and black

That trick are mind into believing

The day is night

The night is day

Through vibrant colors that make us gasp

A writer writes with words

With 171,476 words to choose from

Bringing life into the moment

Where it has already past

Thinking of thoughts that were never considered

Something random and mundane

If we think of a artist and a writer as one

We might just be border line insane

© 2022 DREAM ON

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