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Updated on February 6, 2019
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Riders On The Storm

Riders on the Storm - Instrumentals - The Doors

Fresh Bait

Bullies on the Web

Writers know their fate

Writers know their fate

Sharing rhymes that we make

Bearing comments of hate

These are the floggings we take

We dangle like fresh bait.

Writers know their fate.

Our words fighting to take rein

Our pens keep spinning to our pain

Each line flows rhythmically

These thoughts cannot flee

Words that chance to join our song

Come fearlessly along

Words fighting to take rein, yeah

We face debate at each gate

We face debate at each gate

And, won’t get a date

Just infuriate

We thrill to each comment

Know that bullies will vent

Debate at each gate, yeah.

Writers know their fate

Writers know their fate

Sharing rhymes that we make

Bearing comments of hate

These are the floggings we take.

We dangle like fresh bait.

Writers know their fate

Writers know their fate


Bullies on the Web

Bullies On The Web

I imagine that many online-users who have been on the internet for a given amount of time can attest to the fact that online bullies are everywhere, and tend to come out of the woodworks to those of whom they consider to be a fairly easy target.

Of course, it is a shock to the majority because these trouble-makers usually put on their ‘best faces’ for everyone else, except for the individual in whom they have decided to show their true-colors.

And not surprisingly, online bullies tend to bring others in to join in on the harassing of their target, while the victim stands alone.

This is evidence of the true cowardice of these types of people.

Personal Beliefs

Despicably, bullies enjoy attacking those in whom they perceive to have particular vulnerabilities, such as children, teenagers, single women, loners, the disabled, and/or those who might be shy, meek, rather naive, and/or simply not as worldly or street-smart as the bullies, themselves.

Though I had fun writing my own song lyrics to this popular tune, as I wrote it, I could not help but to think of how much my words reminded me of the isolation and confusion that victims of online bullies endure.

Unfortunately, even though there are some who are more at risk than others, just about anyone can be singled-out by online bullies, even for as simple of a thing as having one’s own personal beliefs that differs from the crowd. This is not only true for writers on the net, but also for any individual, online, who uses their voice, or better yet, their keyboard, to convey their opinions, beliefs, or even just their thoughts, as an individual.


Bullies On The Web

Bullies on the Web, Song Lyrics

Riders On The Storm
Riders On The Storm | Source

Riders On The Storm - Vocals - The Doors

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      • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile imageAUTHOR


        14 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

        Truthfully, before people judge a person by what another person, and their Flying Monkeys (followers) say, they should go to the source- the person who is being talked against- and get his/her full version of the facts surrounding the accusations, first.

        This would seem only the right, and fair thing to do, instead of automatically jumping to the accuser’s side. But unfortunately, I have witnessed the human condition being so that people love to automatically judge and hate others, without even bothering to check the surrounding happenings on both sides.

        But, God knows the truth. And one day, the truth will be laid bare. And no matter how many people believe a lie, it doesn’t cease to be a lie.

      • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile imageAUTHOR


        16 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

        Hi Allison :-) Thank you for stopping by. Yes, of course I will always respond to comments. I just don’t as much time as I did before for constant online interaction. There’s a good reason; I have many exciting things underway, right now! I can tell you more via email.

        It’s just that when I was on here, before, I felt it important to keep up with my Followers new writings as they were keeping up with mine, and after awhile, (as much as I loved all the comments, ETC), it would take hours of the day to go through everyone’s writings, ETC.

        So glad you stopped by!


      • profile image

        Allison Barnes 

        16 months ago

        Are you taking comments, Tamara? I love your song lyrics. So much fun! Brilliant and creative, I must say. I'll keep watching for more of them. I understand about not having much time for online interaction. It can consume hours of time! I'll be watching for your posts, Tamara.


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