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Sharing Thoughts Of Inspiration And Admiration

Change has always been my biggest mystery

How can we possibly adapt and survive?

It is hard to be older and see the young with all their energy

If they could see what I see

Chrish Canosa in her writing

If This Was Your Last Day

I would have to say

I am so pleased and honored to read your work

It covers the black shadows of my life

What I dream of doing

What I never accomplished

The in's and out's of my everyday existence

My high's and low's

My dreams of the future

Not of just what I can do

What the world is

In such a deeper form

Being too serious and not enjoying the sweetest passions

Always searching for new ways

To touch people where they least expect it

Finding love where friendship started

I have heard

Youth is wasted on the young

Meaning they have energy and vitality

But they throw away opportunity after opportunity

On useless pursuits

I disagree

They are the future

They are incredible and will make any changes necessary

To live a better life

They have to do it

In their style and at their time

So different than mine

To turn to nature and see its special hold

Only then the really smart people will realize

What is important and what is not

Other people like me

Will watch as history is made

Rules are challenged and broken

They will deliver

More than ever

Happiness is proof

Somehow they found a way

To make it a better day