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Writers Breathe Words


Writers breathe words

They live in their own

world of imagination

They create their

own earth and colorful sky

They erect their castle

with sonnets and ballads

They build the wall

of solitude around them

When they peep through

their windows

and take a glimpse of

the real world

their soft hearts can't

bear the harshness

of the world

It is so difficult for them

to accept the reality

They get confused

They try hard to convince

themselves that

it is not true

The world could not

be so ruthless

It must be an illusion

And they immediately

close their windows

They are happy in

their self created


Where there is only

one religion,

The religion of humanity

Where there is only

one language,

The language of love

It may seem

the world of illusion

for the rest of the world

But the community of

creators are happy

in their heaven.

© 2021 thoughtsprocess

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