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Write Under Fire

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Not Because I Want To But Because I Need To

We all live very different lives

Every day our world changes

Sometimes we don't think so

Other times we see drastic signs of change

For many years I tried to keep my world the same

My thoughts were

If I could control my life then I could control my outcome

The more strict I became the harder my life was able to be handled

When I just let go

Things seem to get better

That is the complete opposite of what I believed

As I set my thoughts free

My world began to spin

Not to my direction

In a way, I have never seen before

As I watched other people instead of myself

I also could see resistance to believe

Their life was quite different but then again not what they wanted either

So what is the solution

I tried to track my every movement

I became more and more frustrated

As results don't lie

I had to step away

Give me time to heal

Before I could continue

There were times in my life that hurt

I was not ready to handle or prepared to deal with at this time

Now I continue on

With an open mind and one soul purpose

To navigate my way

Not in a sea of turmoil

Instead in a melting pot of ideas

That help create than destroy

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