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Write Down to the Very Last Crumb

Would you eat it ?

Would you write it ?

I think good writers have that talent

To see what other people take for granted

To use words differently

Figuratively, objectively, imaginatively

They create images that were not there before

They bring back thoughts long forgotten

A good writer can make you smell

That dirty little skunk behind the broken down old barn

Hiding away in that dark corner underneath that rotten wood and the leaves

The odor so strong that singes your nose hairs

Makes your eyes water

You can taste the foul odor on your lips

Like a bad breath kiss

Your stomach starts to flip

You swallow hard not to choke or gag

You can't get away fast enough

The smell is in your clothes

In your hair

You can't wait to get into a nice hot shower

Lather yourself up with that fancy body wash with aloe

With that incredible lavender smell

That makes your eyes perk up

Each hair follicle beg to be washed

Your pores of your skin gentle open

Letting only the goodness in

Writers can take you any place

They can drive you wild with love

Make you tremble with fear

They also can inform and teach you a great deal

Make you happy when your sad

Take the tension off your back and shoulders

Relieve that stress from behind the eyes

Give you a wonderful friendship

That you can hold onto the rest of your life

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