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Write About Your Childhood Challenge: My Imaginary Friend

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John is a poet and short fiction writer who enjoys collaborating on stories with other writers, and partaking in challenges.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Challenge

"Normally I give you some photos as writing prompts, but I think I’ll change things up a bit for you today...

So no photos today, just one instruction: write about your childhood! It can be a poem, it can be a fictional account, it can be autobiographical in style, whatever, but it has to be true, which is tricky if it's fiction, but you'll figure it out." ~ Billybuc

So, Bill, thank you for the challenge. I enjoyed the example you gave to kick the whole thing off with the excerpt from your upcoming novel 'A Time and a Place' and your adventures with your buddy Frank, playing ball etc. Most of us have that special friend with whom we form a close childhood bond, and I was no exception.

I have written quite a few articles and poems here, over the years, about various parts of my life, but not this particular aspect. Maybe because this was "just a figment of my imagination", and I would "grow out of it" or so I was told. Anyway, I think this meets the brief of being "true fiction."

I hope you enjoy my poem about a very special friendship.

Image by White77 from Pixabay

Image by White77 from Pixabay

My Imaginary Friend

My imaginary friend,

To you, I write this ode.

Tell me where you lived before,

Was this house your abode?

My imaginary friend,

You are my closest pal,

But every time I mention you

I am treated as unwell.

My imaginary friend,

What adventures we have shared.

Your presence in my room at night

Stops me being scared.

My parents tell me you’re not real,

A figment of a troubled mind,

They think that if we leave this house

You will be left behind.

Despite my tears of protest,

And attempts to toe the line,

We moved away that Summer next

They thought you'd fade with time.

Forty years have come and gone

Since we played within those walls,

But Steven you’re still my best friend

And appear whene'er I call.

Image by Merio from Pixabay

Image by Merio from Pixabay

Steven Faraday

For as long as I can remember during my childhood I had a friend, a best friend. He had what I thought was a funny but cool name of Steven Faraway. Steven would visit me almost every day and we would play in my room, or on the swing set in the back yard. I was an only child and had no other relatives in the vicinity, or close to my own age.

My parents said Steven was just an imaginary friend that I had made up because I was lonely. At one time they took me to a doctor (psychologist) to discuss it. He told them not to worry, that it was quite common, especially with only children.

When I was 11 years old we found out the original owners of our house were named Faraday. They had a baby boy who died soon after birth.

That baby’s name was Steven!

Unimagined Friends

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